1. The first thing to look for is the cause of insomnia

There are many factors causing insomnia, such as: a sudden change in living environment; 2: bad living habits, such as drinking tea, drinking coffee, smoking before going to bed; 3: mental factors. For example, a special event causes excitement; 4. Emotional factors. Tension, fear, worry, doubt, anger, depression, anxiety and other emotions often lead to sleeplessness at night.

  1. Adjust one’s mood

Insomnia has been more common, it is not a serious disease, we should correct the mentality, a day or a few days less sleep a few hours doesn’t matter, don’t think he is very bad, maintain a good mentality for adjusting insomnia is very important.

  1. Free association

You can close your eyes and imagine a free and relaxing scene, such as the forest and the sea. Just imagine the fresh air you breathe in the forest, a relaxed walk on the beach, and the sea breeze blowing in front of you. It’s very comfortable. It helps you relax and get into sleep faster.

  1. If you can’t sleep, you can get up and do something

When many friends can’t sleep, they lie on the bed and toss and turn. As a result, the more anxious they are, the worse their mentality is, the more they can’t sleep, and the more disgusting they are. They think that even if we can’t sleep, people will have a rest. In fact, when we can’t sleep, we can get up and do other things, such as watching movies, listening to music, surfing the Internet and so on. Not only does time pass quickly, but when people are tired, they will naturally feel sleepy and help them sleep.

  1. Medication treatment

Many people will take sleeping pills for insomnia. Although this method can have a certain effect in the short term, it has little effect in the long term, and sleeping pills will bring side effects to people’s body, so it is not recommended to use it for a long time.

  1. Physical therapy

It is a transcranial electrical stimulation therapeutic instrument. In essence, it transmits special patented waveforms to the skull through the temporal part, directly stimulating the brain, hypothalamus, limbic system and reticular system in charge of psychological and emotional activities.

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